Dansif was founded on 24 November 2008 at the initiative of a number of institutional investors and advisors.

Dansif is an impartial forum for players with a substantial interest in ESG. The objective is to spread and exchange experiences among the members of the Society as well as to facilitate a diversified debate on ESG.

Dansif is open for institutional investors (pension funds, unit trusts and others) as well as other organisations with activities in Denmark and a substantial interest in ESG. Members must be independent legal units (enterprises, organisations, institutions).

Each year, Dansif organises 3-4 events aiming at knowledge interchange and debate on relevant subjects within ESG, e.g. ESG and climate, communication of ESG, influencing enterprises to act more ethically through active ownership and similar topics.

Dansif does not have any independent positions on ESG or other subjects. Thus, the Chairman, the Board or others cannot make any attitudinal statements on behalf of the Society and its members.

Dansif’s day-to-day management is handled by the Board of Directors, all of whom are elected by the Society’s members at the annual general assembly. The day-to-day operations are handled by the Danish Finance Society.

Board of Directors

  • Rasmus Juhl Pedersen, Pædagogernes Pension, Chairman
  • Andreas Stang, PFA Asset Management, Treasurer
  • Charlotte Mansson, GES
  • Keld Lundberg Holm, Engagement International
  • Kirstine Lund Christiansen, P+(DIP/JØP)
  • Lisa Vestergaard Knudsen, Danske Bank
  • Søren Larsen, Nykredit
  • Troels Børrild, MP Pension



H. C. Andersens Boulevard 7, 1.
DK-1553 Copenhagen V
Phone +45 3332 4266

The Company Registered Number is 33 63 63 85
The Society's VAT no. is DK 33 63 63 85

Bank details

Account owner: Danish Social Investment Forum
Registration no. (sort code) 1551
Acct. no. 3109363928
Bank Name: Danske Bank
Bank Address:
Danske Bank
Holmens Kanal 2-12
DK-1092 Copenhagen K
Swift code: DABADKKK
IBAN: DK52 3000 3109 3639 28



DANSIF | H.C. Andersens Boulevard 7, 1. | DK-1553 København V | Telefon +45 3332 4266 | Telefax +45 3332 4274 | dansif@dansif.dk